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End suction, vertically split, single-stage pump for nuclear auxiliary and radwaste systems. Offers a rugged, reliable design, specifically for nuclear applications.

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The N3 is an end suction, vertically split, single-stage pump. It has a back pull-out design, with foot or centerline mounting arrangement, with a closed or semi-open impeller. It has a cantilever shaft/bearing arrangement designed for low stress/deflection and high bearing life and is specifically designed for nuclear auxiliary and radwaste systems.

  • Back pull out assembly for ease of maintenance
  • Closed or semi-open impeller designs
  • Heavy-duty radial and thrust bearings
  • Multiple single or mechanical seal options
  • Fabricated steel baseplate that can be seismically qualified



Safeguard Pumps
ASME Section III Class 2

  • Seal water injection pumps
  • Decay heat pumps (low-pressure injection)
  • Reactor spray pumps
  • Class 2 pumps for any other service involving low NPSH or thermal shock applications

Auxiliary and Service Pumps
ASME Section III Class 3

  • Spent fuel pumps
  • Borated water pumps
  • Component cooling pumps
  • Radwaste pumps
  • Any other Class 3 or non-code pump


Hydraulic Range

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