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Spiro Gills Applied Fin Tube

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Centravis Boiler Tubes

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Centravis Heat Exchanger Tubes

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Heat-exchanger tubes are designed for heat transfer and mostly applied in the processes like heating, cooling, ventilation, condensation and evaporation.

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Heat-exchanger tubes are used in the following types of equipment: shell & tube heat exchangers, plate & frame heat exchangers, cooling towers, air coolers and others. Main industries of heat-exchanger tubes application are chemical & petrochemical, power generation (including nuclear), oil & gas and others (food&beverage, pulp&parer, transportation, etc.).

Hot FinishedOutside Diameter: 56-250mm Wall thickness: 3.05-43mm Length: Up to 15 meters
Cold FinishedOutside Diameter: 6-114mm Wall thickness: 0.7-12mm Length: Up to 27 meters

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