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Ronin Lift

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Ronin Tactical Lift (STL)

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Leverage the power of the smallest, lightest electronic ascender available in the world.

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Powered ascenders can have a major impact on our armed forces. We wanted to offer our men and women on the front lines the first powered ascender that is designed to be rolled out across a vast number of squads and serve a variety of solutions. No longer does the technology need to be limited to select high-end special forces. Our ascender is ready to work for a variety of applications, from rescue to maintenance. As the smallest and lightest ascender available it will outperform all the others – from gear-hauling to complex operations, you can trust that the Ronin Tactical Lift was designed to transform your mission at all levels.

We care that you and your squad have immediate and available access to the technology, so we ensured its pricing is at a level that falls within your discretionary spending. The ascender has been NATO registered and numbered. Purchases can be made through one of our many NATO registered distributors allowing for worldwide access quickly and timely.

The time is now to try the Ronin Tactical Lift and realize what the commercial world already knows: Ronin ascenders are the brand leader in transforming manual at-height operations.

The handheld tactical ascender will change worldwide military and police operations.

Safe working loads 181 kg and weighs only 8.1 kg with a battery.

This powerful tool will revolutionize the market for tactical ascenders with its compact size and lightweight.

The Ronin Tactical Lift has been developed to manage heavy loads in harsh environments despite its extremely compact size. The automatic in-feed rope system protects against detachment while providing operational capabilities not present in other ascender options.

No longer reserved for your special ops, the STL can be deployed across your entire force serving multiple functions from gear-hauling to rescue. Confidently hand the STL off to any of your units to enhance their operational capabilities.


  • Search & Rescue
  • Tactical Ops
  • Extraction/Evacuation
  • Winching/Hauling
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Cargo Loading
  • Inspections
  • Rope Access Training


  • 1 Ronin Tactical Lift (STL)
  • 1 Battery
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 Charger Cable – Type A, B or C
  • 1 Black Rope Brush
Category BatteryBattery Powered Rope Ascender
Depth (D)13.50 inches (34.3 cm)
Width (W)11.25 inches (28.6 cm)
Height (H)11.75 inches(29.8 cm)
Weight Approximately18 lbs. (8.2 Kg)
ConstructionAluminum, Stainless Steel and Bronze
FinishPowder Coat Black
Operating Temperature Range-4 ºF – 120 ºF (-20°C to +49°C)
Ingress Protection (IP)IP54
Battery Type48 VDC Lithium Ion Rechargeable
Battery Life Ascent325 ft.(99m) of rope @ 400lbs (181kg). 650 ft.(198m) of rope @ 200lbs (91kg).
Battery Re-Charge TimeApproximately 2 hours
Rope Type10 – 13 mm Aramid or Kernmantle Sheath Static Line Rope
Rope LoadingManual Rope Load
Ascent SpeedVariable (0.15 – 0.67 m/per second)
Descend MethodGravity Feed with manual brake
Descend Speed1.16 m./sec. max @ 400 lbs. (181Kg)
Secondary SafetySecondary Lock Out Feature (Hands Free)
Max Working Load400 lbs. (181 Kg)
Climbing MethodSingle Rope Technique

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