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When manual control is not your best option, the Ronin Remote Control provides you with the freedom to operate the Ronin Lift wirelessly.

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Ronin Wireless Remote Control provides you with the freedom to operate the Ronin Lift when manual control is not your best option. With a wireless range of up to 91m (300ft) and a discreet radio signal, the remote is ready to assist you in a variety of ways. From ascender retrieval to winching and hauling the wireless remote gives you the same variable speed control as the Ronin Lift handle.


    • Upgradable on all Ronin ascenders
    • Wireless remote used for winching and Ronin Lift retrieval
    • Max distance up to 300ft (91m) Line of Sight
    • Discreet radio signal to eliminate miscommunication with other devices
    • Small handheld ergonomic design
    • 10 hr. battery life
    • Safety feature maintains Ronin Lift Handle priority control
    • The thumbwheel on the Ronin has priority and can override the remote.
    • The remote has a variable speed thumbwheel control, just like the Ronin’s thumbwheel.


  • 1 Ronin Remote Control
  • 1 USB Charging Cable

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